By engaging the hearts and minds of the people you rely on to deliver your business objectives. Whoever they are, wherever they are. We provide the tools to enable them to perform successfully.

We believe, if you want to change behaviour or get things done differently, you need to provide the answers to these 5 key questions:



What are you asking me to do?


Why are you asking me to do it?


How do I do it?


How am I doing?


What’s in it for me?

At The Motivation Agency, our hearts and minds are focused on making your message clear, giving it context, ensuring knowledge and understanding is in place, enabling progress dialogue and of course providing the right reward or recognition to the people who have succeeded.


At The Motivation Agency we blend our specialists in communication, learning and development, measurement and reward and recognition to deliver the best solution for your business challenges. Our specialists have worked extensively across both the Public and Private Sectors in a wide variety of industries.

If you are looking for an agency that knows how to enable cultural change, drive market share, improve customer experience or deliver uplift in sales, The Motivation Agency has the expertise and the toolkit required to get the job done.


One-size definitely doesn’t fit all! Your organisation is just like everybody else’s – it is different and that is why you are you.

At The Motivation Agency our solutions to Client challenges are always bespoke. Our recommendations not only focus on your specific objectives but also align to your culture, your values and your people. We like to get as close to your organisation as possible and always ask if we can spend some time in the field before presenting our solution.

We are not afraid of challenge, we are not afraid to challenge. Most importantly we are not afraid of telling it as it is… in black and white.


Nobody says it better than our Clients…

If you like what our Clients say and want to know more then please contact us.